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Title: Inter Milan Is Ready to Activate Schick Contract
Post by: wildstar on May 03, 2017, 08:31:53 am
Imfifa reports that Inter Milan is ready to activate the forfeit money term in Sampo forward Schick's contract. They are prepared o compete for the Czech striker with Juventus and the Premiership teams.

Sampo striker Schick had dazzling play in the Serie A first season. Juventus is ready to use player plus cash to sign the 21-year-old striker. However, there is a 25 million euros forfeit money term in his contract. Sampo prepare to complete the contract with Schick, then the price will be raised to 40 million euros.

Chelsea, Arsenal, Manchester United and Manchester City are concerned about Schick, and they have sent a scout to visit the 21-year-old striker's performance. In addition, Atletico is also interested in him. Torres is growing older, and Griezmann may leave the team, soAtletico also hope to introduce striker players to enhance the depth of lineup.

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