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Author Topic: Belgian media praised the performance that should go with head high and chest  (Read 1379 times)
on: July 31, 2014, 06:31:20 am

out off the new agency in Brazil in Brussels on 6 July, (reporter Shen Chen) a ball small negative popular star Messi led Argentina team in Europe, "the Reds" Belgian team to four wins and a negative record bid farewell to Brazil. Review of the Brazil FIFA 14 World Cup, the local media invariably played high, think young Belgian team should go with head high and chest out proudly home. The Belgian local influential French newspaper "evening news" commented "Red Devils": "this is just the beginning of a new journey!" The newspaper website carefully analyses the Belgian media after the review,fifa 14 coins  pointed out that our media in the evaluation of 1/4 than last night finals mostly choose "proud to leave", "sorry to say goodbye" and other words, it is a future oriented team, is to focus on the 2016 European Cup, 2018 FIFA 14 World Cup team. "News" that Belgium bid farewell to his FIFA 14 World Cup dream in 1/4 finals, but this young team could be left with their heads held high in Brazil, they can be proud of the past five games. Dutch newspaper "Morning Post" reporter wrote: "this is a young team, we should give them more understanding. The future belongs to them. In the near future, they will write a splendid chapter of their own in the world arena." In the near future, they will write a splendid chapter of their own in the world arena." Belgium's star, Zal accepted in the Belgian French television interview, said: "we can do everything we feel proud. His opponent to win the chance is not much, but a negligence of the opening ended in a failure." Zal said: "the Argentina team is a good team, we finally stop the pace of advance in front of them. They are accustomed to such scenes, but we are not so. However, after such a loss, we gained experience. For us, the experience will help us in the future to go further." A Zal put forward their views and perspectives on the home front of the media, his statement clearly has most of the Belgian fans identity. After the game soon, China News Agency reporter learned from the network, the Belgian capital Brussels is interested in "Red Devils" home occasion held a grand celebration ceremony. However, this idea was a Belgian team coach Will Motz opposition. Will Motz in the television interview, said: "we're not a similar celebration ceremony. We should be calm, serious digestive failure. Then, each home to reunite with their families, enjoy a good holiday ahead of the start of the new season." The media disclosure, Europe "Reds" Belgium in the game that night he returned from Brasilia to St Paul. Sunday, Belgium will take "SN2014" Bosal Airlines flight departed for home, is expected to arrive at Brussels International Airport on Monday afternoon at around 2pm.
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