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Author Topic: one task into two parts  (Read 2083 times)
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« on: March 21, 2015, 01:48:06 am »

Final Fantasy fans are very much looking forward to this day? These are the first to know about in terms of the game content! After two weeks of testing, version 2.0, generally do a good job, is not difficult to see, even beginners can start on the right and do not speak Japanese. Task places in the game is much more hints, is also convenient to the transmission system, is a nice mobile ostards help. In general, in addition to commands, without any awkward areas (which, of course, the Japanese team can be very easy to use). Talk about no other characters in the game level, grade level, for example, today's race spell division, for example, the current level of 20 Magic rank 1, then move your career magicians are just the 1.First to talk about operational system, the work is divided into three categories , the main line and branch, professional activity, activity card (must be able to distinguish between class = =). Then, in principle, to take care of a couple, each task system work will tell you the game system using this method, for example, crystal delivery, delivery, wild night in the house, servants and others. And work hard to get an accurate calculation, then the value of the experience level of each task only allow you to climb to the next level and activity of their success on the road to update faster. For now, said the hard work methods approach. One of them, the main line of 14 activities, all of which should be here first encounter difficulties. Mainly to do all of these games have a basic knowledge of the fight, if you just make a pass away. Why kernel is not perfect, that this strategy will work in one task into two parts, the first part of the OU, without difficulty, the second part is the beginning, mainly produces the call, then man mask. HP call about 5 reinforcements. After easily.Strategy 1 - equipped for disabled people, why not level the equipment? Since this level of activity will be limited, but it can not be affected devices equipped with high quality when defending what medicines you can easily. 2 - FFXIV Gil  This method depends on the awareness level of the game. 10 races after the completion of the task, you can do other countries will lease the land was ostards sen to change their working magicians, illusionists response prevention level 2 can be learned, physical damage lower level 8 can be obtained by magic (duration is 30 minutes, with the point of view of future missions also is useful), with the magic of this task is quite difficult, antidote, of course, say, just take one or two.Second, professional level of 15 activities, because we play spell talk just said. Activities need to let everyone understand the classes and related skills to use correct wording is not difficult.
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« Reply #1 on: April 23, 2015, 05:33:09 am »

no to a adapt of Karazhan or Aion Gold a new alfresco raid. Newer players charge to feel the abracadabra that was Karazhan aback in the day. The potentially interesting part is what happens next: If the gold value continues to fall, players could be tempted to forgo their $15 monthly subscription fees in favor of Tokens, tradeable for 30 days of game time, purchased with gold. Will Blizzard take action to stabilize the market?

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