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Fluff Entertainment and Corbomite Games Announce “Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale”

A new episodic adventure game that will take you on the path of king hood.

Tel-Aviv, Israel – December 15Th 2009 – Fluff Entertainment and Corbomite Games today announce the development of a new point and click adventure game series “Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale“. Chapter one is expected to be available in Winter 2010 for PC.

Set in a dark medieval fantasy post war world, the story follows a young Prince Rupert on his way to king hood, through a foreign and hostile land. Arriving by ship on this new continent, Rupert must traverse it alone and reach its capital in order to prove his worth and take his princess. Along the way he encounters strange places and people alike. 

“We are very excited to be taking part in this new project” said Oded Sharon, CEO of Corbomite Games “this gives us an opportunity to produce more episodic adventure content with different kinds of storytelling and art styles from our ongoing comic series Pizza Morgana, Zbang, or Heavenly Hell”.

Knights in Shining Armor: our king’s tale features high resolution 3d rendered backdrops and classic-style point and click game mechanics. The game lets you explore a new medieval continent, meet its people and guide Rupert trough his journey.

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About Fluff Entertainment,
Fluff Entertainment is a new independent game development studio that aims to produce adventure games.
Fluff Entertainment is currently working on its first title “KISA: our king’s tale” a classic-style adventure, set in a dark fantasy world.

About Corbomite Games,
Founded in 2006, Corbomite Games is a game development studio focusing on episodic adventure games. Corbomite employs an ace team of industry veterans, including Israeli comics creator and mini-celebrity Uri Fink. A team of talented writers, artists and software engineers with years of experience in computer and role playing games, round out the team.
Corbomite Games currently has two episodic comedy adventure game series in production, “Pizza Morgana” and “Zbang”, an Action-adventure game called “Heavenly Hell” and now adding this third series “Knights in Shining Armor” into its games portfolio. The studio is led by Oded Sharon, an experienced game maker with a passion for adventure games, Music based games, RPGs and MMOs.
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