A new commerce strategy game that will take you on to the stars.

Tel-Aviv, Israel – August 10th 2010 – Corbomite Games today announce the development of a new commerce strategy game “Star Shipping Inc.” The game is expected to be available in September 2010 for iPhone, iPad, PC and Mac.

In Star shipping Inc. you take the role of the captain of of a cargo ship traveling between star systems to trade goods and commodities in strive to become the richest star ship captain in the galaxy.

Travel to new and exciting planets, encounter multiple type of enemies like space pirates, monsters and others, fly solo or protect your cargo by hiring defense drones. Receive groundbreaking and exciting news at the end of each turn that dramatically effect the next turn’s outcome. A dozen of random events that can occur during travel will make you think twice before take chances and increases the fun experience with a high replay value.

“I’ve wanted to do an iPhone game ever since I first laid my hands on this wonderful device” said Oded Sharon, CEO of Corbomite Games “and especially now with the iPad and the new iPhone 4, it seems like a much more exciting time for independent game developers to reach out to new audiences which we haven’t had access to only a couple of few years ago. Now, we are able to produce high quality products, featuring high production values with stunning graphics and original musical soundtrack that are available in the palm of your hand”.

Star shipping features high resolution beautiful space backdrops, planets, aliens, nebulae, space ships, items, and characters. The game includes an in game store where you can buy upgrades to your ship in order to increase performance and get a higher score. For example, you can buy upgrades to get more speed, strength, or resilience. The game also features a bank where you can keep your savings and where you can loan cash in times of need.

Star shipping and will have both a standard version and an HD version available for iPhone and iPad.

The game will also include unique features for each platform , for example, a use of the iPhone’s accelerometer.

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About Corbomite Games,
Founded in 2006, Corbomite Games is a game development studio focusing on episodic adventure games. Corbomite employs an ace team of industry veterans, including Israeli comics creator and mini-celebrity Uri Fink. A team of talented writers, artists and software engineers with years of experience in computer and role playing games, round out the team.
Corbomite Games currently has two episodic comedy adventure game series in production, “Pizza Morgana” and “Zbang”, an Action-adventure game called “Heavenly Hell” and recently adding a third series “Knights in Shining Armor” into its games portfolio. The studio is led by Oded Sharon, an experienced game maker with a passion for adventure games, Music based games, RPGs and MMOs.
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